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Update from the parish council on littering at Newlands Park

Thanks to everyone who has commented on facebook about the emerging local littering problems since the easing of the lockdown. It illustrates the depth of feeling amongst residents.


Littering is a human problem that can be easily cured if people take responsibility for their actions and either find a public bin, or take it home for disposal.


We have a member of staff who helps to keep Newlands Park clean and tidy but, unfortunately due to the Coronavirus outbreak, he is currently unable to work as he has been told to ‘shield’ for 12 weeks.


Other members of staff have this week started carrying out some outside duties, including litter picking at the Goldsmiths Centre, Anchorage Lane and New Lane parks. This is, of course, with every precaution being taken ensure they are safe and well to do so.


The parish council has equipment it can loan to members of the public if they wish to do a litter pick. We have some wonderful volunteers in our community who selflessly look after areas near them – more about that in a follow-up item on facebook shortly.


Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak we were in discussions with Doncaster Council about providing additional bins at Newlands Park. However, Doncaster Council have stated that this is not a priority, or a matter of urgency, and will only be looked at once they are in a position to do so, which may be some time. We will also have to factor in to our grounds maintenance budgets the extra cost, as we will have to pay for additional bins to be emptied.


This issue does boil down to a simple fact: some people need to take more pride in where they live. The photo of litter strewn on the grass at Newlands Park – which appeared on social media – begs the question: ‘would the perpetrators have used a bin if one had been next to them’? There are bins on the site and it’s not difficult to take along a carrier bag to put rubbish in and then dispose of it properly.


Ultimately, it’s about taking personal responsibility for our actions and making the right choices. We should all respect where we live. It’s not difficult.

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