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Thursday 7 May 2020: Update on grass-cutting of local playing fields

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A few people have commented on the uncut state of the grass on our playing fields in Sprotbrough and Cusworth.
Doncaster Council provide the parish council’s grounds maintenance and the parish clerk asked them for an update.

Their response was that the grass cutting works have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and they have only been carrying out critical priority work in line with their Business Continuity plans.

They have resumed this week some grass cutting work where they can still adhere to the Government restrictions such as social distancing and to allow members of the public access to areas where they can carry out their permitted daily exercise. They have confirmed that the parish council’s larger field areas are on the rota to be cut over the next few days but the whole area will not be, as they are still not yet carrying out grass cutting where they use machinery other than the tractor, unless the work is prioritised as critical such as in cemeteries.

We will update you as we get to know more.

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