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Sprotbrough Neighbourhood Planning Survey: Update from the Chairman of the Sprotbrough Neighbourhood Champions


Dear All,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the group have recently collected and counted up just short of 700 completed Survey forms.

To say that we were totally amazed by such a positive response from yourselves and other Sprotbrough residents is indeed an understatement.

Approximately 3,500 surveys were hand delivered through every letter box in Sprotbrough,by our group members and volunteers from the Library. Based upon other local neighbourhood plan survey results,we were told to expect a percentage return in single figures. I don’t mind telling you that secretly we were hoping for a 10% return, To achieve a 20% return was truly fantastic, far exceeded our expectations.

At our meeting last week, we were joined by two colleagues from the Doncaster MBC Planning Office, who were present when we totted the numbers up. They were amazed by this figure too and stated that our percentage return was unprecedented. How good is that!

I’m sure you can imagine the wealth of information contained within these documents, which will go a long way to enabling us to draw up a plan that truly reflects the views of it’s residents. We wanted people to identify all of those good things about Sprotbrough that needed to be protected and those that weren’t so good and needed to be addressed. The people of Sprotbrough have provided this in abundance. Together with our consultant, we can now begin to develop a neighbourhood plan that adequately reflects your views.

The planning process starts soon, and I will keep you all updated on a regular basis with our progress.

On behalf of the group, thankyou so much for your support.

Best Regards,

Eric Mirfin

Chair of the SNC

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