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Can you help Vernon with his military research?



I am a military historian and documentary film director working on a film about an RAF Lancaster crew lost over Berlin on September 3, 1943.  The pilot was Canadian, the rear gunner was American, and the other five crew were British.  One of the crew, Flight Engineer Joseph Richard Dunn was from Doncaster.  His father and mother were named Alberta and Clara Dunn and his wife was Winifred (nee Wheatley) Dunn, all of Doncaster.


I wonder if you know if any of the family is still living in the Doncaster area or know a local historian who might know something about Sgt. Dunn or his family?  I would like to include something in the film about Sgt. Dunn and Doncaster during World War II.


I would appreciate any assistance that you can give me regarding my query.  I look forward to your reply.

Dr. Vernon L. Williams

Editor, Sound Off Newsletter (Association of Military Musicians)

Editor, Journal of Military Aviation History
Director, East Anglia Air War Project

Producer/Director, Old Segundo Productions



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