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Bus & tram fare changes announced for Stagecoach services in South Yorkshire


Stagecoach has announced changes to some of its bus and tram fares in South Yorkshire.



From Sunday 2 April 2017, the price of most Stagecoach bus and tram singles will change by 10p or20p, to reflect rising costs.
Some megarider fares across South Yorkshire will also change.



The Sheffield bus and tram dayrider will be £4.20 with the 7 day megarider version priced at £14.50. A Sheffield dayrider ticket for buses only will be £4.00, and megarider  £13.00.



A weekly Sheffield Student bus megarider ticket will be £8.00.



The Barnsley dayrider will be £3.50 and 7 day megarider £11.50 and the Barnsley dayrider Plus daily ticket will be £4.20 and weekly £13.50. This is the first price increase to the dayrider Plus ticket since it was introduced over 10 years ago.



The Route 22X 7 day megarider ticket will be £12.00.



The Dearne Valley dayrider ticket will be £4.00 with the 7 day megarider £13.00.



A South Yorkshire Child dayrider bus and tram ticket will be £2.20, whilst a South Yorkshire Child 7 day megarider ticket will be £6.50.



Some 28-day and Xtra tickets will also have new prices.



Stagecoach Yorkshire managing director Matt Davies, said: “This is the first increase for most of our fares for two years, and our ticket prices are still much cheaper than many other UK cities.



“There will be no change to the cost of our Five for a Fiver group travel offer valid in Sheffield at weekends and customers can also look forward to contactless payments which are coming soon and will provide greater flexibility as well as weekly tickets available as mobile tickets via the Stagecoach bus app”



Stagecoach will also introduce a 50p charge for new Smartcards in a bid to encourage passengers to register and re-use their cards rather than throw them away.



Matt Davies said: “Our StagecoachSmart cards were introduced to provide greater convenience for customers and help deliver an environmental benefit by reducing the need for paper tickets. The card is re-usable and customers have always been encouraged to keep it, load new products on to it and register it online in case it is lost or stolen.


“However, our research shows many customers are choosing to get a new Smartcard each time, rather than re-using their current one. Unfortunately, this means that a large number are being thrown away, which has an environmental impact, while the production of so many unnecessary additional cards also pushes up operating costs.
“The 50p charge for a new StagecoachSmart card is less than the price of producing a new card, and customers can avoid any additional costs simply by holding on to and re-using their existing card.”



“Stagecoach has been rated as the best value major bus operator in Britain three times by customers in independent research undertaken by Transport Focus.”




For more information, visit or follow @stagecoachyrks on Twitter.


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