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Public consultation: Sprotbrough Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Draft Sprotbrough Neighbourhood Development Plan is being published by Sprotbrough and Cusworth Parish Council for consultation under Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 (as amended).


The consultation period is from Friday 1st November 2019 until 5pm on 31st January 2020.
The Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents can be found here:


Draft Sprotbrough Neighbourhood Development Plan (pdf)


Representation Form (word)


Planning Policy Assessment and Evidence Base Review (pdf)



Hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan and forms to provide comments can be found at:


– The Parish Council office: The Goldsmith Centre, Sprotbrough Road, DN5 8BP


– Sprotbrough Library, Sprotbrough Rd, Doncaster DN5 8BA


All responses should be returned by post to; The Goldsmith Centre, Sprotbrough Road, DN5 8BP or by email to


Should you have any queries relating to the consultation or submitting your comments please contact the Clerk to the Council at


Information relating to the Sprotbrough Conservation Area and Newton Conservation area can be found at:


Here is a link to Doncaster Council’s planning policy evidence base:


Further information relating to previous consultations and work undertaken by the Sprotbrough Neighbourhood Champions can be found at:


At the end of the consultation all responses will be collated and analysed by the Neighbourhood Plan Group and the Parish Council. The neighbourhood plan will be updated and submitted to Doncaster Council with supporting information. A second stage of consultation will be undertaken before the plan is formally examined by an Independent Examiner before proceeding to a referendum before being adopted as part of the development plan by which planning applications are determined.