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What’s in a name?

It’s believed that the name Sprotbrough originates from a mix of English and Scandinavian names, with ‘Sprotte’ being a shoot and ‘Brough’ being Scandinavian for a defensible place.

The early Parish contained six settlements:

Sprotbrough (Sproteburg)
Cadeby (Catebi)
Wildthorpe (Widentorp)
Cusworth (Cuzenworde)
Skinthorpe (Scinestorp)
And Newton, first mentioned in 1379 when it was called New Farmstead.

Those early hamlets would have been ringed by vast areas of agricultural land and many of the open fields we still have today have names that can be traced back to early maps of the area.

A key focal point of Sprotbrough is St Mary’s Church, founded in 1190, with its magnificent working clock tower that has commanding views of the Don Valley.