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Your Voice Counts- South Yorkshire Police Wants To Hear from You

We want to hear from you, the communities we serve, in this short survey. We want to hear your thoughts and opinions on a number of topics, so we can better understand the key concerns of our local communities.

It should only take around ten minutes to complete and all information you provide is confidential.

Click here to complete the survey –

(If the link doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your internet browser)

Thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel, we really appreciate you working with us to make South Yorkshire the best place it can be!

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At long last it’s time to play.

The fencing around the new playground at Anchorage Lane will be removed on Wednesday 5 August, 2020 and the play area will be open to the public.

This short video gives a taster of what’s on offer for local children.

Coronavirus notices will be placed around the play area for everyone’s safety – please follow the guidelines.

The swings have had to be temporarily removed, following advice from the playground inspector, and will be reinstated once the guidance relating to social distancing changes.

Councillor David Holland, Chair of Sproptbrough & Cusworth Parish Council said: “After overcoming many obstacles, including bad weather that halted construction progress, we have delivered a fantastic new playground for Sprotbrough as promised. I am sure everyone will agree it was well worth waiting for.

“I hope the playground will be treated with the respect it deserves. It belongs to the Sprotbrough community, so please look after it.”

Thanks to Sprotbrough Arrow for delivering with their June publication, the delayed Spring edition of Sprotbrough & Cusworth Parish Council News.

Cusworth residents will receive their copy from another supplier.

Please click on the highlighted link below to read Coronavirus guidance from the Keep Britain Tidy organisation, for those planning to litter pick during the Great British Spring Clean campaign.

Coronavirus – Great British Spring Clean guidance

Please click on the following link to read the agenda for the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council  which will take place at 6.30pm on Thursday 16 May, 2019 at The Goldsmith Centre, Sprotbrough Road, Sprotbrough.

Members of the public are very welcome.

Please click on the following links to see details of the closures of Brompton Road and Park Drive





Dear All

I thought I had better update everyone on the current position, so here goes.

I prepared an application, which was sent in electronically at the end of May, just before I went away on holiday. The preparation had been very time-consuming, but they had said it was an easy application so when I actually went online to complete it, I was surprised to find how easy it was, as it didn’t ask any of the questions I had been prepared to answer. However, when I returned home, a letter was waiting saying we had not been offered a grant and if I gave more detail in various questions, I could apply again. When I queried this, as the questions mentioned hadn’t been on the application form, I was then informed it was the wrong application. So it was back to square one. Please accept my apologies for this.

By being guided to the correct place, I then found the correct application, which was much more difficult to complete and took 2-3 weeks. I have now just received a letter saying that we will be allocated an assessor, but that is no guarantee that we will receive the grant.

All I can say is that applicants have to justify every penny so that, if they are successful, the lottery-ticket buyers can be pretty well certain that their contributions are well managed and evaluated!

So, it may be a few more weeks before we know whether we have been awarded a grant or not.

In the meantime, I asked a friend who had offered to do some research, and regularly frequents the archives, whether he might look up residents/populations during the project period and he has done that for 1925 and 1965. He has also checked Sprotbrough Parish Council records and informs me that they are also in the archives from 1852 – 1983, after which I presume it became Sprotbrough & Cusworth Parish Council. This should provide some interesting reading regarding the doings of the village during our project period.

I am hoping that everyone who volunteered at our first meeting still wants to be involved and will be thinking about how they can be part of the project, so I am offering the following suggestions:

1. First of all, suggestions for any other interesting topics for research would be welcome, so let me know if you think of anything or have specific information already which might be useful. Even if you can’t do it yourself, someone else might be willing to take them on.

2. A logo would be nice, if anyone is artistic/creative.

3. A start could be made on the plan of the village. I know one or two were interested in doing this and any ideas of how to go about it would be welcome. I had a suggestion made to me over the last couple of days that, initially, a largish map could be drawn and houses/farms/etc, that existed during, say the 1950s, could be mounted onto it (possibly even using lego bricks or paper boxes to identify different buildings), so that house numbers and names of residents could then be inserted or listed. You may have better ideas so you might give it some thought.

4. The ‘tapestry’ of groups, then and now, might be produced, eg each one creating a square to be put together when they have all been collected in. Someone might like to create a list of all the groups that might participate.

5. Postcards and photographs, writings and poems – perhaps someone would like to begin a collection. Copies of photographs can be made and returned to owners, but it would be good to begin to obtain them and catalogue them for a future display.

6. I really feel we should be starting to do some interviews, especially of older people who might be starting to get a bit frail and forgetful. Often such people do remember the past very well and love to talk about it. This is the really important part of the project and we don’t want to miss out on anyone even if the Lottery Fund don’t come up with the money. I feel sure we could still produce a meaningful project without it if we had to.

These are just my initial thoughts, but ideas for anything else connected with the project would be gratefully received, as well as specific offers of help with the activities.

Thank you for your interest and please let me know any ideas or thoughts you have on the points raised above so that I can keep a record.

Many thanks.


Project Manager

Tel: 01302 313030


Message from Liz Reeve of the Don Gorge Community Group


Dear All

Just a quick reminder about this event on Saturday starting at 9.30 am – until you’ve had enough.

Please register at the Fish Pass so that we know who is with us.

Please wear old clothes, long sleeves and trousers, and strong shoes/boots/wellies and, if you have gloves, it would help if you brought them as well.

Considering the heat we have had lately, you may prefer to bring your drink of choice, but water will be available. Also, please watch out for biting insects. I seem to have evaded them in the past, but others haven’t.

Finally, a warning about keeping away from the water’s edge – I think there will be plenty of balsam further away without anyone putting themselves in danger.

We[‘re hoping for a good turn-out in our aim to stop as much Balsam as possible seeding this year and look forward to seeing you.


Please click on the link to read the agenda for the  Annual Parish Meeting of Electors