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1 The walk begins at the Goldsmith centre, Sprotbrough Road, Sprotbrough. From here, cross the road, turn left and walk towards the old railway bridge. Look for this waymarked stone on your right.

Go down the steps and turn right onto Linear Park, a former railway line in use from 1908 until the late 1960 and now part of the Trans Pennine Trail from Liverpool to Hull.

The Linear Park is managed by Doncaster Council’s Countryside Service for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders.

2 The housing estate on your left was the site of Fowler’s tank factory. Roads in the estate are named after World War II tanks.

Access to Linear Park
3 If you look left above the railway cutting, you’ll see Cusworth Hall, a Georgian mansion built for William Wrightson between 1740 and 1745. Carry on along Linear Park to the next waymark stone. Turn left here and pass Newlands Park Playing Field on your right.

4 Look out for Gamekeeper’s Cottage – once part of the Cusworth estate – and Lower Fishpond. The pond is one of three in the parkland and used to be stocked with trout for the Hall. Pass Middle Pond on your right to find the next waymark stone on your left. Carry on beside Upper Pond, a popular spot for local anglers. The ponds are currently being developed as part of major renovation project for the Hall and country park which is being funded by the National Lottery.

When the ponds are refilled, look out for coots (with a white bill) and moorhens (with a red bill) on the water.

Walkers Looking Towards Cusworth Hall

Gamekeeper’s Cottage
5 Cusworth Country Park has seating, good pathways and open space for picnics, together with free admission to the Museum of South Yorkshire Life, which is based in the Hall. The Hall is also being extensively restored at the moment so visitors have limited access, but still worth a visit. On a clear day a walk up the hill is rewarded by views across Doncaster to Lincolnshire. The power stations in the distance are situated on the River Trent at Newton. After exploring the country park, rejoin the walk at the bottom of the hill, in the right-hand corner of the park. Crocus and tulip are plentiful here in early spring.

6 Continue right at the bottom of the hill. Long Plantation is on your left. It once stretched as far as the ponds – sadly it is much smaller now. Walk diagonally across the field under the motorway; notice the land begin to rise. At this point you are climbing the limestone escarpment that stands above coal measures to the west.

7 As you pass the lone hawthorn tree situated next to the waymark stone you are 175 feet (53m) above seal level. Looking east you can see another view of Cusworth Hall and the panorama of Doncaster. Look out for impressive St George’s Church, which was designed by Sir Gillespie Scott and built in 1803. Then cross the field until you come to Melton Road.

8 Turn right, cross the road and turn left just before the Ivanhoe public house. Skirt the cricket pitch to reach the stile. Turn left onto Thorpe Lane towards 800 years old St Mary’s Church, containing a wealth of interest for historians.

St Mary’s Church

9 Turn left at the church along Park Drive. The area used to be the gardens of Sprotbrough Hall. Built in the 18th century, the Hall was demolished in 1926 for development. Keep right at the fork in the road.

10 At the kissing gate follow the footpath to Brompton Road; cross and continue along the path. You’re now standing on old parkland; once part of Sprotbrough Hall’s grounds.

11 Follow the waymarked path to the footbridge across the A1(M). At the other side, take a moment to enjoy excellent views over the Don Valley. Carry on past the woodland and through the field, passing houses to your left. Follow the edge of the field towards the Linear park, passing a reclaimed former landfill site on your left

12 Turn left onto Linear Park. A short walk brings you back to the start point near the old railway bridge at Sprotbrough Road.
Well done, you’ve completed the Millennium Walk!

Millennium Walk map – click to view larger printable version

Distance: approximately 6.6 kilometres (4.1 miles)

Sprotbrough and Cusworth Parish Council devised this walk to commemorate the year 2000. The route, which links the two largest communities of the parish, is waymarked using locally quarried stone carved with the symbol MM. The walk passes Cusworth Hall in Cusworth Country Park – a pleasant place for rest and refreshment. Call in at the cafe alongside the Hall.

millennium walk information leaflet

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can also take a detour to Sprotbrough Flash and walk along the Don Gorge to rejoin the main route.Public Transport from Doncaster to the start of the walk at the Goldsmith Centre takes around 10-15 minutes. Ring the South Yorkshire Travel Line on 01709 515151 for bus times. If you are from further afield, free car parking at the Goldsmith Centre and Cusworth Hall and Country Park allows alternative starting and finishing points.

FREE copies of this leaflet, which sets out the walk in detail, can be obtained from Sprotbrough library or the parish council office – ring 01302 788093.

In order to fulfil social distancing requirements, buses are currently operating at a reduced capacity. In response to an expected increase in patronage, particularly during the day, operators will be increasing the frequency of some of their services and reinstating some of the services lost since the lockdown began. These changes will continue to allow key workers and those making essential journeys to travel, allowing social distancing to take place.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) will continue working closely with operators to review loading figures and ticket transactions, where possible, and address any overcrowding issues.

Up to date information about public transport services in South Yorkshire will be available at ahead of any changes taking place.
Plans are being introduced to help people to cycle and walk, where possible, instead of using public transport, such as making additional road space available for cyclists and pedestrians in some parts of the Region.
Payment methods

For the safety of both customers and staff, all operators are encouraging passengers to use contactless payment methods to purchase any tickets where available. This includes smart cards, mobile m-tickets and contactless bank cards.

Senior ENCTS Pass holders

The 9.30am restrictions for free travel for Senior English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) pass holders will be reinstated from 8 June. As lockdown restrictions are gradually eased and more people are being encouraged to return to work, the number of passengers using the public transport network will increase, particularly at peak commuting times. At the same time the introduction of social distancing measures across the network has significantly reduced the capacity on buses, trams and trains.

SYPTE is asking everyone to only use public transport if they have no alternative, so those who rely on it to make essential journeys can travel safely. We are asking customers to avoid peak times, if possible. As services become busier the risk to those who may be more vulnerable to COVID-19 is greater. To keep passengers safe and to protect the limited capacity on the network, the 9.30am restrictions for free travel for Senior ENCTS pass holders will be reintroduced.

NHS staff buses
It is expected that NHS staff will be communicated the details of staff buses directly through internal hospital channels.

Supertram services will be reviewed once details of the proposed ongoing funding support for light rail, announced by Government on 23 May 2020, are known.

How can you help?
Passengers are being urged to check before they travel, so it would be appreciated if you could please help by advising those who still need to travel by public transport to plan their journey ahead using the up to date timetables on the operators’ websites or via

How is this being communicated to customers?
Operators are keeping customers up to date via their websites and social media channels.

In these unprecedented times we want to keep our customers updated on any changes to public transport to ensure key workers can travel to and from work. The following channels are updated regularly:

Details regarding how and where public transport services are operating in South Yorkshire can be found at and customers can follow us on twitter at

The latest information about what South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and Operators are doing to keep customers and staff safe can be found at

The latest travel disruption information can be found at

Our Traveline team will also be extending their opening hours from Monday 1 June. On weekdays, the call centre will be open between 7am and 6pm. On weekends, it will be open between 8am and 6pm on 01709 515151 to answer customer queries.


The role of Sprotbrough and Cusworth Parish Council

A Parish Council is a corporate body – a legal entity separate from that of its individual members. Its decisions are the responsibility of the whole body. It is the first tier of local government and exists completely independently from Doncaster Council.

Parish councils have been granted powers by Parliament including the important authority to raise money through taxation (the precept) and a range of powers to spend public money. This precept is paid through the council tax system and by every council tax paying household located within the parish boundary. Each household pays the same percentage.

Sprotbrough and Cusworth Parish Council is made up of 17 councillors each representing a different ward within the Parish. Contact details for each Parish Councillor can be found on the parish council’s website;


Council Services

In Sprotbrough and Cusworth the provision of services is split between Sprotbrough and Cusworth Parish Council and Doncaster Council.


Sprotbrough and Cusworth Parish Council Doncaster Council
Ø  5 allotments at Windsor Walk Ø  Adults and Children Social Care
Ø  The management of the Goldsmith Centre, playground and recreation area Ø  Anti-social behaviour
Ø  The management of Newlands Park and pavilion Ø  Benefits
Ø  The management of Anchorage Park including; the children’s play area, outdoor gym, skate park and Anchorage Pavilion Ø  Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships
Ø  The management of New Lane recreation area and adventure playground Ø  Bus Pass Issue
Ø  Joint ownership of Scawsby Community Centre with Brodsworth Parish Council Ø  Car parks and fines (Doncaster Council owned and operated)
Ø  The management of Newlands Park and pavilion Ø  CCTV
Ø  Council Tax
Ø  Housing Advice and homelessness
Ø  Disabled Parking (blue badges)
Ø  Emergency Planning
Ø  Fostering and Adoption
Ø  Highways – including gritting, maintaining, street and traffic lighting, traffic signs, pot holes, road markings, pedestrian crossing, road safety and verges.
Ø  Household Recycling and Waste Site
Ø  Licencing
Ø  On Street Parking Enforcement
Ø  Planning and Building Control
Ø  Public rights of way
Ø  School Admissions, Free School Meals and School Transport
Ø  Street cleaning and bins (including dog fouling enforcement)
Ø  Tourist Information
Ø  Trading Standards
Ø  Public Health
Ø  Waste collection


Please note that the Parish Council does not have any authority over services which Doncaster Council provides. If you wish to report an issue relating to Doncaster Council’s services please contact their main switch board on 01302 760000 or use the relevant ‘report it’ form on their website; . This includes;


In addition South Yorkshire Police should be contacted for issues relating to;

They can be contacted using the information below;



Sprotbrough and Cusworth Parish Council

May 2020



What is community Transport?

Community Transport (CT) services are available for people who may find it difficult to access standard public transport due to disability, age and frailty or geographic isolation: people who would otherwise be unable to travel, or who would struggle getting to a bus stop. For a small charge the services pick people up at their door and take them to a pre-booked destination, using accessible minibuses.

How are the services funded?

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) currently supports CT services at a cost of £1,657,215 revenue funding per year. Some vehicles are also provided to the operators by SYPTE for use on Door2Door services, in addition to the operators’ own fleets.

Who operates the services?

Services are delivered under the ‘Door2Door’ brand through the lead operator – Sheffield Community Transport (SCT) – who subcontract some of the delivery out to other operators to provide cover across the county. All Door2Door drivers are Disclosure & Barring Service checked and trained to MiDas or equivalent standard.

The operators providing CT cover across the county are:

All the operators have non-profit status.

What services are available?

The larger operators – SCT, BDaR, DCT and RCT – all offer three journey types:

MCT and T17 offer group travel in specific areas in the Manor and S17 areas and are not available city wide.

What other services are available?

The CT operators provide other Door2Door services outside of our SLA. These include volunteer car schemes in some districts and a ‘Dial-a-Ride+’ type offer which for a higher fare will offer guaranteed bookings, guaranteed timeslots and daily or weekly repeat bookings, e.g. for regular health appointments or day centre visits.

How can members of the public contact Community Transport providers?

To use the services, people must pre-register (for free) as members and must also pre-book their journey up to six or at least a day in advance of travel on a ‘first come’ basis, and on average registered users travel twice a week. Journeys are not eligible for concessionary travel (ENCTS Elderly or Disabled passes) and passengers pay different fares according to the type/distance of journey.

To register for Community Transport services people should contact their local operator:

Fares are reviewed periodically, but as the services are subsidised, are always kept below the cost of equivalent taxi journeys.  As the vehicles are fully wheelchair accessible they also fill an unmet need in some districts (not all four councils have accessible Hackney carriage fleets).

All the vehicles have powered rear lifts: Drivers help users to board and alight, and unload walking aids and wheelchairs etc. Where passengers have shopping, drivers will help them to their door with this. The vehicles carry assistance dogs at no cost (but not other dogs at all) and carers/friends can travel with the person booking but are also charged a fare.

How you can help

It would be appreciated if you could please keep your constituents informed about Community Transport and advise them that they can find out more about the full range of Door2Door services by phoning the operator nearest to them.

Further information and contact details for the Community Transport providers is available at

For all your travel needs by bus, tram or train visit or call Traveline 01709 51 51 51.


We’re looking for people who are wild about nature! On 24th June 2017 Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will be holding its annual Summer Showcase at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve, on the edge of Doncaster. We’re looking for lots of one-off volunteers to help with this event so we’re contacting lots of local community groups and organisations whose members might be interested in getting involved.

The Potteric Carr Summer Showcase is a celebration of everything wild at this brilliant nature reserve! We’ve got pond dipping, minibeast hunts, wild games, den building, woodland crafts and much more. To make the day a success we need a team of enthusiastic volunteers to help run this year’s Summer Showcase. From directing visitors for car parking and setting up tables to helping run activities and guided walks you’ll be involved in everything! You’ll need to be free to volunteer either from 9am-1:30pm or 12:30pm-5pm on the day, and also be free for an induction session on the 5th June, either 10am-12pm or 6:30pm-8:30pm.

If you’ve ever wondered what Potteric Carr is like, or you remember the joys of pond dipping and watching butterflies then this is for you. By volunteering you’ll have the chance to learn new skills, have great fun and give something back to nature and the community. If you’re a people person with a passion for nature and want to be part of a friendly, buzzing team at this brilliant event get in touch with our Volunteering Development Team for more information:

Millenium walk road map
By car – access point 1 – Goldsmith Centre – take A638 over new St George’s Bridge Road; turn left, signposted Sprotbrough; after about a mile look out for the Goldsmith centre on your left.

By car – access point 2 – Cusworth Hall and Country Park – take A638 new St George’s Bridge Road; carry on for about one mile; turn left immediately before A635 along Cusworth Lane. signposted Cusworth Hall and Country Park; carry on for nearly a mile, pass Hall gates, turn left into car park.

Public Rights of Way: See Ordnance Survey maps Pathfinder 716 or Explorer 279. For queries about local rights of way please ring Doncaster Council on 01302 735684.